Common Human Resources Interview Questions

by admin on 10/16/2011

If you have received that long awaited call for an interview, you surely are hoping to put your best foot forward at the interview in hopes of landing that human resources job.  Preparing for the interview is very important.  There are many ways to prepared for an interview.  One of the best ways is rehearsing common human resources interview questions that may be asked in the interview.

Though you never really know what is going to be asked in an interview, you may be surprised at how many interview questions are normally asked in interviews.  Having some of the questions prepared may help you feel more at ease when you step into that human resources interview.

Common human resources interview questions that you may want to prepare for include:

  • What strengths do you feel you bring to the job?
  • What are your weaknesses and how do you overcome them in the workplace?
  • What situation have you had in your past experiences where you had to make a tough decision and what was the outcome?
  • How do you handle low morale in the workplace?
  • How do you deal with low performance on your team?
  • What do you feel you bring to our team if we were to bring you onboard?

Though there are literally an endless number of questions that one could ask in a human resources interview, thinking through some of these commonly asked questions may help you prepare for your interview.  Having given some thought to these questions may even make you better prepared to think through and answer intelligently any other questions that may come your way.

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