3 Tips for Making Your Name in Human Resources

by admin on 01/28/2013

Whether you are looking for your first job, or switching your career focus to human resources, it is important to get your name out there in the human resources field.  Today, professionals have many ways to make a name for themselves within their field. Here are some tips:

Business cards – As a human resources profession, you will want to make yourself new business cards that market you in human resources. If you have a new job, make sure your cards sport your new title. If you are still looking for a job in the human resources field, having a business calling card with your new profession will help you during networking opportunities.

Social media – Social media can be a blessing to job seekers and all professionals when it comes to making a name for yourself and networking.  Network with others in your field, find mentors, and subscribe to professional organizations through social media. Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter all have great platforms to help you get your name associated with the human resources field.

Professional organizations – Joining a local group or organization that is popular with human resources professionals is an excellent way to network and market yourself within your profession. Attending monthly or quarterly meetings can help you see what is new within your profession as well as give you a way to network with other professionals. Even if you do not have a job in human resources, you can still join professional organization for human resources professionals to help you get your name out there that you are seeking employment.

Using one or any number of these ways to market yourself can help you make a name for yourself within the human resources profession.  Getting your name associated with your chosen career field is an excellent way to network or seek your next employment opportunity.

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